Saturday, October 18, 2014

Shakeology and Breastfeeding: How it Helped Increase My Breastmilk Supply

Increasing Breastmilk Supply Is Just ONE of the Many Benefits that Shakeology Has To Offer!

This is a blog post that a friend sent me when I was having supply issues breastfeeding. I tried EVERY single supplement under the sun, including tons of oatmeal, fenugreek, Mother Love drops and anything people suggested.  Unfortunately nothing worked so I kept looking for options.  That's when a friend suggested Shakeology. I heard about it and wanted to try it but thought it was too pricey for me and didn't really believe in it's benefits. After almost giving up on breastfeeding, I decided to give it a shot since I wanted to try and lose weight anyway. My good friend lost a lot of weight incorporating it into her diet so I figured I had nothing to lose.  
I started drinking it and did not notice anything with my breastmilk supply at first. I did, however, love the taste and felt full after breakfast through lunch.  Then my husband started drinking it too and felt the same. After a few weeks though, I started to notice that my son was choking a little bit when he fed.  Since I had a baby scale, I weighed him before and after eating and he drank over an ounce more than he  usually did. I am still drinking it to this day and, at 9 months, my son is having no issues at all getting enough milk anymore.  Read below for the blog post that encouraged me to try it and, if you want to give it a shot, click on the Shakeology link in this sentence. It's 100% guaranteed with a 30 day, money back, bottom of the bag guarantee. Even if you finish the bag, if you don't like it or it doesn't work out for you, you get your money back!  

Blog Post Regarding Shakeology and Breastfeeding from a Fellow Coach
As a BFing mom that has low supply issues, I encourage you to read to the end of the blog. It could really help.
"I know most breastfeeding mothers admit this, but I didn’t enjoy breastfeeding and I had a terrible time with it. Latching problems, a lazy eater, a fast let down, sores, and cracks made connecting with my son through breastfeeding almost impossible. I cried. I winced. I ached. I prayed for it to be over. I didn’t quit though. Armed with a breast pump and enough bottles and storage containers to move a small apartment, I decided I would pump and bottle feed to give my son what I believed was the best for him. (That said, if you are a formula feeding or formula supplementing mom, you are just as awesome and I think no less of you!)
Even with all the trouble that I had, one problem I never had was supply issues. I was able to pump and feed my son, and still save and store about 8-10 ounces per week, for my 2 month old, roughly 2 bottles. It wasn’t a lot, but enough that if I had to run an errand or something, I could leave him with someone instead of bringing him with me. I store extra milk in the fridge from Monday-Saturday and then on Sunday’s I bag and freeze it. For the last almost four weeks though I have saved and stored 40 Ounces (10 Bottles), 40 ounces (10 Bottles), 56 ounces (14.5 Bottles), and now I am not track to store over 75-80 ounces (18-20 Bottles) this week! All of a sudden I just started having to pump every 2 hours and was producing 6 plus ounces each time. I started looking into how to DECREASE supply issues it was getting so much. I did some research and there didn’t seem to be any medical reason for my sudden explosion of milk, so I started to evaluate my lifestyle and came up with this:
Over the last almost 4 weeks I hadn’t done anything new except start a new workout and balance out my diet and start drinking Shakeology daily and then it hit me…SHAKEOLOGY. I had been working out lightly so I couldn’t attribute it to that. I had changed my diet to more fruits and vegetables and less bread and bad fats, but I couldn’t really attribute it to that either. But Shakeo, that was new and maybe that could have been it. Now, I don’t know if it was the combination of my diet and Shakeology or just the Shakeology itself, but I do know that since beginning drinking it, my fridge and freezer are busting at the seams with milk. Before sharing this information with anyone, I wanted to make sure I thoroughly did my research, so I began analyzing the ingredient list of Shakeology and comparing it with known lactogenic foods and herbs. My findings were pretty astounding."
This is a recipe you can try with Shakeology BUT it's not necessary to add these ingredients to notice a boost.  Shakeology alone has natural ingredients that boost supply. A recipe like this just helps even MORE!

Shakeology has a bunch of ingredients but the list below is just a few of the ones that are in Shakeo and are also known to be lactogenic.
Flax – is full of phytoestrogens that can influence milk production.
Beta Carotene – Beta Carotene is needed in extra amounts during lactation. Carrot seed has been used as a galactagogue, and the vegetable, also containing the volatile oils and phytoestrogen, acts as a gentler support.
Spinach – Dark green vegetables like spinach are a potent source of minerals, vitamins and enzymes, as well as phytoestrogen that support lactation.
Spirulina - is a non-toxic variety of blue-green algae. It has been farmed in lakes and ponds as a food source for thousands of years. It is valued for its proteins, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, chlorophyll, and essential fatty acids. Spirulina’s nutrients are easily absorbed, even when a person’s digestion is not up to par.
Chlorella – Like Spirulina, green foods are reputed to increase the fat content of breast milk, it is known to have lactogenic and medicinal properties.
Barley Grass/Oat Straw/Oat Grass – It was recorded in Greek medicine two thousand years ago as a galactagogue. Taken for a week or two, it often helps mothers with chronic low milk supply.
Sesame Seed/Sesame Oil – Large, black sesame seeds are used to increase milk production across Asia. Husked, light-colored sesame seeds are also effective and easier to digest. Sesame is our most potent vegetable source of calcium!
Rose Hips – Contain a lot of vitamin C and can aid the body in the increased production of breast milk.
Sacha Inchi – Has the best source omega 3, 6, & 9 in the world, and omega 3 is essential in the neurological development of your baby.
These are just a few of the primary lactogenic ingredients and galactagouges found in Shakeology. Many, many women drink Shakeology while pregnant and breastfeeding and now I know why!
Here's a recipe to REALLY boost your production by adding ingredients that are known to increase supply.  Shakeology on it's own will help increase it but this super recipe will be an added boost!  If you're interested in giving Shakeology a shot, message me or click on this LINK.  It comes with a 30 day, bottom of the bag, money back guarantee.  This means that, even if you finish the bag, you can return it and receive a full refund.  Beachbody is THAT confident that you'll love it! You really have nothing to lose! 


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