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Although the last 3 years of my life have consisted of major changes and major ups and downs, coaching is something that has given me more than I ever imagined! It has given me the confidence I never had because I've not only helped myself finally overcome 20+ years of dieting, it also helped me help others achieve their fitness goals AND in the process, be the owner of my own fitness business! I can work anywhere, anytime and it affords me the ability to be present in my children's lives while helping myself stay healthy, helping others AND earn an income! A dream I've had my entire life!

​Because of that, I am currently looking for some NEW COACHES for team! I would LOVE to show YOU how you can not only improve your health and fitness, but help others do the same and all while making a living from home! Who wouldn't want to wake up in pajamas and work just steps away from your bed...that's right, no commuting! It's hardly work! I love what I do so, like they say, 
so ​I'll never work a day in my life again!

I will be hand-selecting & personally mentoring anyone that is dedicated enough to make motivating others to get in shape while working from home a reality! It will be in a small group setting with weekly calls. All training will be provided and it will be online so you can do it anytime, at your own pace, when YOU want to. 
Remember, you CAN be your own boss! 

During the first 3 months, I will focus on teaching you the same system that has helped both myself and the top leaders in my team reach the level of success they never imagined. I started in August 2014 with the hope of simply paying my daughter's activities each month. Now, I not only cover that, I pay a portion of my mortgage and utilities!

So, it is UP TO YOU to decide if you want to do this and it's UP TO YOU to choose to APPLY that knowledge in your own business! What we do in the Team Victory All Stars WORKS, there is NO denying it! In just over 2 years, many coaches have become 6 figure earners and some of the TOP COACHES in the entire company! 

There is no reason we shouldn't all be able to achieve this as well! ​​If you believe that you have what it takes and you're looking for something that challenges you as a leader, motivates you to stay in shape, helps you motivate others to do the same AND supplements your family's income (or possibly takes it over!), click on the link below and 
​fill out the short application.


I'll be in touch with your shortly and you can soon be on your way to designing the life YOU always imagined!

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