About Me

How FitCopMom Was Born

Welcome to FitCopMom!  This blog began while I was pregnant with my daughter in 2008 and was madly searching anything & everything related to parenthood.  I had a lot of time by a computer while on desk duty at work and used it wisely to research every parenting topic under the sun.  After so much research, my friends and family took notice and I suddenly became the go to girl for suggestions, advice, product reviews, workout advice and basically anything related to pregnancy, motherhood, fitness and kids.  After spending hours online retyping what I learned via books, magazines, websites and other moms and popping right back into shape weeks after delivering my daughter, I decided to start a blog where I could post information I learned and share it with other moms & dads around the globe!  That's when FitFluentialMom came about which, after a career change, morphed into FitCopMom :)

A Little on My Personal Background

Currently, I'm a single mom to a wonderful 10 year old & my little miracle baby, Evan Ace who is now 5. Being a mom of 2 came completely out of the blue since doctors told me I we would not be able to have any more kids. I went through extensive fertility treatments to conceive my daughter and I had not had a menstrual cycle since before she was born (over 5 years) thanks to thyroid/hashimotos, hormonal imbalances and PCOS, among other problems.  So, needless to say, when I conceived my little man, I was SHOCKED but realized he was a true gift from God!

​Prior to having kids, I went through a few career changes that got me to where I am today. I was a teacher and then a deputy sheriff! I worked in education for 12 years where I taught preschool, then moved onto elementary and finished off with high school! Working as a teacher and then a deputy gave me a huge advantage when becoming a parent and helps me tremendously when it comes to discipline, education, health, safety, fitness and much more while raising my kids. 

So, fast forward a little and, after my little man was born, I decided to embark on a fitness journey!  I was working long hours in a patrol car prior to having him, spent a lot of time away from my family and wanted my body back.  My fitness, nutrition and family life in general really suffered because of my sometimes 20 hour days at work.  I didn't have time to work out or prep healthy meals for myself and my family. I was in a bad place both physically and mentally.  

This is what actually drove me to become a Beachbody coach.  I have always had an interest in nutrition and fitness and have taken countless classes to learn more about it.  I discussed it with my husband at the time and decided, why not make this my next career and help others while I help myself and my family be the healthiest they can be? I needed a change to my workout routine,  a way to get back into shape and a way to help supplement my family's income, so I decided to give Beachbody Fitness coaching a shot!  

Three years into it, I have to say that the experience has been LIFE CHANGING not only for me but for children as well. I've learned entirely new eating habits and I'm passing them along to, not only them, but hundreds of other people on social media as well!  I can also get my workouts done at home in half the time it took me compared to when I used to go to the gym and I'm stronger than ever.  

Probably one of the most important aspects though, especially with my situation now as a newly single mom, is that being a coach is the reason I am able to support myself and my kids and not miss out on too much of their lives.  I can work from home, games, practice, anywhere I am and it affords me the ability to help others, earn an income and be present for my children.  I hope to be able to help other moms and single moms and dads achieve the same!

In the end, I really just want to inspire other people, especially moms, like so many coaches and clients in my group have inspired me. I want to show them that they CAN lead a healthy lifestyle and fit fitness into their lifestyle regardless of how busy they are. I would also LOVE to show them how they can be home with their families AND be their own boss without having to commute to work and miss out on valuable family time.  I still work as a deputy sheriff on a part time basis as a reserve, but I also coach and I'm a single mom to 2 kiddos.  

Right now, I can gladly say that I feel better mentally and physically than I did in my 20s! Even going through a separation and divorce, I have been able to avoid emotional eating, which is something I was notorious for.  I haven't gained the weight back, I haven't fallen off the wagon or given up although I've gone through the toughest 9 months of my life! Most importantly, I've beaten the 20 year battle I had with bulimia.  That is something I never thought I'd overcome!

So, I hope you can relate to some of what you read above or, if not, I hope you were inspired from it! If you're on Facebook, add me as a friend on Facebook and follow me on Instagram as well! If you'd like to suggest blog topics, have questions, want to advertise with me, would like me to write a review on your product or you just want to say hello, email me at ellieperico@aol.com.  And finally, if you're interested in getting in shape, trying out a Beachbody workout program, seeing the amazing results that drinking Shakeology daily can do for you, and joining my group, contact me via the contact form on any page on my blog, via email (ellieperico@aol.com) or message me on Facebook and I can answer any questions you have!  

Hope you enjoy the blog!