Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Some Blogs for Mom & Dad

The internet is one of the best resources for anything & everything parenting. There are tons and tons of blogs out there for parents and by parents so how do you find some that have the information you're looking for? Well, start by searching for keywords that appeal to you. For example, if you're a first time mom of an infant, look for a blog written by the same type of parent. If you're the parent of three teenagers and need help deciphering what the heck it is they're telling you and why they may be acting a certain way, search for parents of teens that blog about issues that pertain to you. In addition to parenting advice, you may also want to find blogs that focus on general family topics such as the ever important saving money topic. Moms and dads can be some of the most innovative and creative individuals when it comes to saving money, especially in this economy, so search for blogs that focus on money saving tips. Many times, you can find new blogs by reading comments on blogs you are already subscribed to. Bloggers build their following by commenting on other blogs and will usually have a link to their blog along with the comment. So, enjoy the blogs below and start your search for others. There's many out there with lots of useful information. The two below are unique in their own ways, one by a mom and another by a dad, each appealing to a different audience.

Frugal Dad: He once answered phones at a financial service call center and now offers step by step practical posts that touch on everyday problems. Topics include such as grocery shopping mistakes and more complex problems such as investing in electronic fund transfers. His topics include Become a Millionaire, Best Online Banks, How to Get Out of Debt, Kids & Money and Money Saving Tips. What more could a family in this economy ask for?

Mom Advice: This site offer advice on home cooking, crafting, product reviews, free giveaways, printable family tools, Goodwill hunting and other dollar saving moves. She also offers lots of photographs and a regular list of freebies and deals. She has three running blogs on her website, along with pages for articles forums and resources for parents.

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