Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Coupon Apps for Your Smartphone!

Every mom & dad can appreciate a good deal these days! Since almost every parent also has a smartphone, why not get apps that help you shop & save money at the same time. The apps below are free (one of them is $.99) and can help you compare prices for products in store and online!

SHOPPER syncs up items you're looking to by with weekly specials from Target, Babies R Us and other chains. It's only $ .99 and you get all of these features:
✔ RedLaser barcode scanning (US only for launch)
✔Built-in, customizable item catalog for Groceries, Home Improvement, Electronics, Beauty and Baby
✔Local flyers and discounts from top retailers including Target and Stop & Shop
✔Coupon tracking
✔Real-time list sharing and syncing
✔Web portal to plan shopping from your desk
✔FDA/USDA Recalls
✔Multiple Lists/Multiple Stores
✔Shopping templates for, recipes, favorites and repeat shopping
✔Records aisle layouts and pricing for all stores
✔Guiding Stars nutritional ratings
✔Budget tracking w/ tax and discounts
✔Notes and photos on all items
✔Tax calculations for multiple rates/countries
✔Password protected lists
This is the only shopping app that has been consistently updated and improved since day 1, and Macworld promises to keep listening to you and bringing the features you want!

COUPON SHERPA finds scanable coupons for electronics, kids' clothing & more. You can email coupons to your friends too and it's all for free! These are the features you can expect to see:

✔Hundreds of in-store coupons
✔Find coupons by category or store name
Email coupons to friends
✔Create your own Favorites list of stores
✔Find the nearest store
✔Exclusive coupons that can't be found elsewhere
✔New coupons added daily

SHOP SAVVY helps you find out what other retailers are charging for a product. It also allows you to access shopping website user reviews quickly from your phone. The app is free and gives you the following shopping tools:

✔fast barcode scanning
✔largest source of prices and inventory from local and online retailers
✔Just aim the camera at any barcode and ShopSavvy will determine what you have scanned
✔It will provide you with price and inventory information from local stores like Walmart, Target and Best Buy
✔Also provides prices from online retailers like Amazon, and TigerDirect.
✔More than 20,000 retailers who all submit their data to ShopSavvy covering more than 20,000,000 products.
✔Add items to wish lists that you can send to your friends or family
If you want to pick up the item locally, you can immediately get directions with Google maps.

Take ShopSavvy with you when you shop and remember to ask retailer if they price match other local retailers.
Yowza!! Mobile Coupons is the best way to save money with your iPhone or iPod Touch! YOWZA MOBILE COUPONS
YOWAA! instantly goes about finding deals and coupons in your geographic area. Choose the offer you like best and visit the store. When you walk up to the cashier, just show the Yowza!! deal on your device and let them scan the barcode or type in the coupon code. That's it—you just saved money!! No clipping. No stashing coupons in your wallet or purse. No need to remember which location that restaurant coupon was good for. Yowza!! takes the hassle and guesswork out of saving money.
✔Deals negotiated specifically for Yowza!! users
✔Instant results based on your current location
✔City and zip code based coupon searches
✔Get Notifications when your favorite store adds a coupon
✔Share Your Savings via Twitter, Facebook, or Email
✔"Favorite" your coupons for easy retrieval at the register
✔Keep track of how much you've saved
✔Cashier scans barcodes right off your device
✔New deals and stores added daily
✔Deals available across the US

These aren't just a bunch of coupons we found on the internet—we went to each merchant on your behalf and got them on board. And we're not done! More merchants are being added every day. Best of all, the app is free!!

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