Macros Coaching Options

Hello! Thank you for inquiring about my ONLINE MACROS & MEAL PREP BOOTCAMP!
The bootcamp is 6 weeks focusing on macros, portion control & learning how to make the best choices with snacks & meals. It’s a program that teaches you everything about what to eat, how much, how to make good choices at parties, restaurants, on vacation etc AND it’s family friendly so it will help teach kids the same things if you have kids in the household! I believe in easy recipes, there are different meal plans available (on the go/no prep plan, detox, vegetarian & more), snack ideas & also super effective workouts you can do anywhere, with or without equipment.


 Look them over & let me know if you have any questions. They are NOT monthly fees.
 The group is 6 weeks & if you choose to continue you can either continue with a month to month coach subscription ($29.99, no contract, cancel anytime)  
or its FREE if you choose to get & continue with Shakeology and/or the Performance line

(1) Macros + Portion Fix Group + Coaching 
$39.99 (reg $59.99) every 6 weeks
$24.99 (monthly subscription, cancel any time) 
Custom meal plans
Shopping list
Snack ideas
Daily fitness/nutrition lessons
1:1 coaching & feedback on your nutrition 

(2) Beachbody On Deman Workout Library access
—ONE YEAR access to all 700+ workouts + meal plans + workout guides 
+ nutrition resources in BOD. The workouts I do at home
 & at the gym. I suggest programs for your specific goals & needs  

(3) Ultimate Portion Fix Base Kit 
 Everything in option 1 PLUS:
Set of 7 portion fix Macro containers 
35-+ instructional videos on to teach you 
ALL about nutrition, reading labels, 
macros, meal planning, shopping, snacking + more 
Program workbook
Daily logbook
Fixate Vol 2 Cookbook
Bonus kids lunch & snack ideas
Macro tracking app

****OPTIONS 4-7 are all an extra $20 off for a limited time 
*****MACROS 101 EBook included FREE work options 6 & 7

(4) Ultimate Portion Fix  + 
$160 (bundle saves you $140 
& is on sale for an  extra $20 off through end of May)
Everything in options 1 & 2 PLUS:
—30 day supply of Shakeology 
—Shakeology shaker cup

(5) Ultimate Portion  +
 Performance Supplements 
(Preworkout + Recovery Protein Shake) 
$160 (bundle saves you $140

& is on sale for an extra $20 off through end of May)
Everything in options 1 & 2 PLUS:
—30 day supply of Preworkout & Recovery Shake 
—shaker cup

(6) Ultimate Portion Fix + 
Shakeology + BOD
$200 (bundle saves you $140

& is on sale for an  extra $20 off through end of May)
PLUS includes my Macros 101 E-Book FREE
Everything in options 1-3 PLUS: 
—ONE YEAR access to Beachbody on Demand (BOD). 
The workout library I use w/ over 700 workouts & 
over 60 programs with each including meal plans, recipes, 
workout calendars & more 

(7) Ultimate Portion Fix +
 Performance Line + BOD
$200 (bundle saves you $140

& is on sale for an  extra $20 off through end of May)
Everything in options 4 & above except you get 
PLUS includes my Macros 101 E-Book FREE
Energize Preworkout & Recover Post Workout 
protein shake instead of Shakeology

Ideally it’s best to go with at least option 3 or higher so you have the resources you need, 
access to the program videos which really help explain macros. 
It’s been a huge success, changed my life 5 yrs ago so I love teaching people my ways & 
hope I can help you too! Let me know if you have questions! 

Contact me via email at and/or Instagram at @fitcopmom 

***I offer individual coaching as well but the group is a huge benefit since you learn from others,
their posts, my feedback to them, sharing meal & snack photos & Recipes & more
For individual coaching, select one of the options below & contact me. 
There is an additional fee for daily personal check ins outside of the group 
but I communicate with you daily & give you feedback on your personal nutrition 
& workouts 1:1 in the group as well. 

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