Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One of THE BEST Strollers on the Market!

When I was pregnant, I researched strollers for months and months. I read magazines, internet sites, books, asked friends... and still couldn't find a stroller that had all of the features I was looking for. Now, I'm not easy to please. I expected a lot from a stroller and I wasn't going to stop until I found it. This is what I was looking for:

1) light weight stroller
2) 3 wheels instead of 4 option for easy maneuvering
3) seat that can face forward or backwards towards mommy
4) child feeding tray
5) good size basket for my own items (i.e., diaper bag, purse, blanket, etc)
6) large sun shade to protect the baby
7) several recline settings that recline down to a flat setting for sleeping
8) appropriate leg support for baby
8) the option to place the car seat on the frame without having to have the regular stroller seat below it (as you have to do with the Chicco & Graco strollers) making them much heavier and bulkier.

Well, after searching and searching, I FINALLY found the stroller that was perfect for me and had every feature and then some....

The M
ia Moda Atmosferra stroller by Mia Moda

It's so comfortable, lightweight, easy to fold and unfold, has every feature you could possibly imagine and it retails for only about $200! That's no more than you'd pay for some of the cheapest travel system strollers on the market. Below is a description of the Atmosferra. If can be found on,
as well as several other distributors including Babies R Us and Amazon. If you're looking for an all-around excellent all-purpose stroller, this is the one for you!

The Mia Moda Atmosferra Stroller receives very high points across the board! A feature that parents really like is the ability to switch the seat to face the front or rear of the stroller. So parents who like to keep an eye on, or have a lot of interaction with baby this is a wonderful feature. All-wheel suspension and swivel lockable front wheels makes for a smooth comfortable ride for baby, and very easy to push. The 3-position recline and adjustable calf support is comfortable for baby from birth and up. A full-coverage canopy, and removable child tray with cup holder is included. For parent’s convenience the handles are height adjustable, the stroller is freestanding when folded, and the stroller converts to a travel system with the Mia Moda Car Seat. This stroller includes even small details such as a parent cup holder, pocket on the back of the seat for small items, extra large storage basket and splash guards. Even with all of these exciting features reviewers noted some issues with the design. Parents found that they couldn’t close the stroller when the seat was in the rear-facing position. In addition, they found closing the stroller could be hard to do, finding it took at least two-steps to close it. It also was too heavy and did not fold compact as other types of strollers. Reviewers also noted the lack of a parent organizer. Overall reviewers found this stroller to meet and surpass their expectations, and if looking for a stroller with these features it is highly recommended.

This stroller received 5 out of 5 stars.

  • Option to have the seat front or rear facing
  • Easy and convenient fold system
  • Free-standing when folded
  • 3-position recline
  • Adjustable calf support
  • Full coverage adjustable canopy
  • Removable child tray and cup holder
  • All-wheel suspension
  • Removable lockable front swivel wheels
  • Height adjustable handles
  • Parent cup holder
  • Large storage basket
  • Becomes a travel system with Mia Moda Car Seat
  • Pocket on back seat for small items
  • Splash guards

  • Stroller will not close with seat in reverse position
  • Takes more then one step to close
  • Does not fold compact
  • Too heavy
  • No parent organizer

Atmosferra Features
  • Atmosferra collection
  • Color: Nero
  • Height adjustable telescopic handle
  • Adjustable calf support
  • Parent cupholder
  • Extra large storage basket
  • Child cupholder with removable child tray
  • 3-position seat recline
  • Car seat compatible, with the mia moda certo infant car seat
  • Reversible seat with canopy allows forward and rear facing
  • Available in several colors

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