Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mommy Money Saving Tips

As parents, we have many expenses that start the second we find out we'll be having a baby in 9 months. From cribs to strollers to diapers, the expenses seem never ending. Saving a little here and there with a few smart tips will help you save extra money for a day trip for your family or maybe even for some money towards juniors college education! Below are some easy, money saving tips for families with babies, toddlers, teens and tweens!
1. Have you ever left a box of wipes open too long and they dry out? Did you leave a box in the car and, even though it was sealed, the heat dried them out? Well, don't toss them out! Simply get them wet again and squeeze out the moisture. They're as good as new and, in my opinion, a little better than before. When they're moist, they clean up a dirty bottom much better than when they're not!
2. Does your little one love rattles? Make him or her one out of an Altoids box! I love the chocolate covered mint Altoids. They're only a few calories and are great for a sweet tooth craving. When the box runs out, I fill it about half full with rice, tape it all around several times so it doesn't open and give it to my toddler to play with. She loves the noise it makes and the shiny box is appealing too!
3. Is your little one constantly losing his water bottle? Do you want to make sure he knows he's drinking out of his own bottle or sippy cup instead of someone else's? Instead of spending money on labels that will just fall off, get wet or rub off, wrap a thick rubber band around it and write his or her name on the rubber band with a marker. Rubber bands come in 1/2 thick widths in different colors, making the label appealing to kids!
4. Do your little ones like the cartoon themed bandaids? Does having Dora or Sponge Bob on their boo boo make them feel better? Why not make your own themed band aids? Buy plain band aids and have your kids draw on them with fine tip markers. Not only will they be colorful but they'll be original. Your little ones can show off their boo boo and their art work at the same time!
5. What are you planning on doing with your crib bumper after your baby outgrows the crib and you're planning on having any more kids? Most people stow it away and never use it again. Since the bumper usually matches the comforter, sheets, pillows, etc....why not use it and incorporate into the theme of the nursery in another way? Take the stuffing out of it and use it as a valance for the windows. It'll match the d├ęcor and it's the perfect size!

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