Monday, August 1, 2016

Eating and Emotions

Often times, we hold back our emotions. It makes sense that we might want to hide the anger we’re experiencing, our rage, depression, hurt, grief, fear, or disappointment. These are emotions that tend to be unpopular to share with others. On the other hand, we might even choose to mask our positive feelings such as love, desire, and intimacy, simply because they intimidate us or we’re afraid of the judgement of others.
The result of all this is often "emotional constipation”. Meaning, we can experience an artificial build-up of emotional content in our system that needs an outlet. And when we’re emotionally constipated and can’t express our feelings, we often look to alleviate the stress of holding back our emotions with something that gives us comfort. That’s because the act of suppressing one’s emotions is literally a physiologic stressor. It’s no different than needing to go the bathroom and holding it in too long. It’s not natural, it’s not necessary, and it hurts.
So the stress that comes along with emotional withholding always seeks an outlet. And one of the most common outlets we choose is food. For many people, overeating, binge eating, and emotional eating is simply our emotions calling out for some airtime. Our feelings want our attention. And when they can’t get it, they can orchestrate unwanted eating behaviors, which then get our attention in a big way. Feelings are meant to be felt. When we allow them the space they need, our eating concerns can finally begin to resolve in an easier and more natural way.
So here’s the remedy: feel your feelings. Be honest about them. See what’s beneath them. Listen to what they’re asking of you. Let them wash over your body. Stop fighting them. Stop trying to hide them. The result will be a better emotional metabolism, and a much happier relationship with food.
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