Saturday, January 24, 2015

Power Breakfast Scramble

It's going to be a hectic day today with Shae and Evan's birthday party and over 100 people coming! Getting my workout in AND a power breakfast to help me make it through the day...... Another Frozen party but good thing Anna and Elsa will be there to entertain😆❄⛄

Now...for the recipe! Super easy!
✅Egg whites
✅Chopped onions
✅No salt seasoning of your choice
✅Turkey breast deli meat
✅A lil bit of cheese

1. Brown the onions first a little bit. Then add the turkey, tomatoes and  then add the raw spinach and cook until it shrinks down.

2. Add the tomatoes & turkey (I didn't have much turkey or tomato left so you can't really see it in the picture but it's there :-).

3. Cook them a little bit then add the egg whites and seasoning.

4. When the eggs are just about how you like them, sprinkle with yiur favorite cheese.

Done! ;-)

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