Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Insanity Journey....Again!

So, a few days ago, I started on a new journey! I decided to go back to old faithful and do a cycle of Insanity once again! Sixty days of pure and utter torture, but I know it will get me where I want to be. I've been running daily since I had my baby because it's really the only workout I can do.  He doesn't nap well unless he's in the stroller moving constantly and he's too young for the gym kids club.  I also prefer not to take my kiddos there until they can walk.

I LOVE to run and running is one of my passions but, doing it virtually every day for 5-7 miles at a time for the last 7 months is exhausting and getting boring.  I am also just not seeing the results I want. The reason I'm not seeing them is because, if you do the same thing day in and day out, your body gets accustomed to it and you are no longer challenging yourself. Even running 6 miles daily wasn't helping me she my last few lbs. of baby weight. So, after seeing my husband do some Insanity workouts in the garage, I figured I'd give it a shot!  I know it's challenging and it'll help me get my strength and cardio workout at once.

Well, I'm 3 days into it and BOY do I feel it. I am feeling soreness that I haven't felt in a long time.  Some hate that feeling but I love it! No pain no gain is the truth! Like they say, pain is weakness leaving the body and I love to feel the soreness because it reminds me that I did something to get there.  Now, we'll see where my Insanity journey takes me.  I took a before picture and I'll be taking one in 60 days to show the transformation.  Now I have to work on my diet as well.  That's the harder part for me.

If you're looking for a workout that will get you results, this may be something to try out.  The workouts vary from 40-55 minutes and are very challenging.  The best part is, though, that you can do them at your own pace.  If you're a beginner, you can go slow and ease into it. Shaun T (the creator of the series) guides you through every single exercise, showing you how to do it and what to focus on. If you aren't familiar with how to work out, this is an ideal program for you. It will work your whole body and teach you a lot of moves that you can do on your own once you've mastered your form.

So, give it a shot along with me and let me know what you think! If you're interested in purchasing it, let me know!  Soon I'll be selling it too! That's how much I believe in these workouts!

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