Sunday, April 27, 2014

NO-Mess Sand! Yes It Really Does Exist!

 Yesterday my family and I decided to venture down to the Santa Monica Promenade since it was a nice (but windy) day in So Cal.  One that wasn't too hot or crowded since it's not yet the summer months. Anyway, we went into the Brookstone store and saw this incredible "Sand" that all of us fell in love with!  It's a 98% sand with 2% polymer blend that makes that sand sort of stick together. It never dries out (as long as it is used then put back in the jar), dust free, gluten free, easy to clean and the options for pretend play are endless!

It feels like moist stand and does not separate much or stick to your hands. It's sort of like a granular play dough and my daughter wouldn't put it down.  She played with it for at least 30 minutes and it never got on her clothes, the counter or her hands.  Brookstone kept it in a small wooden sand box that they also sell.  The sand itself is $20 for the 2.2lb jar or $14.99 for the 1lb jar.  The 1lb jar is also on sale for 2 for $25 but the large 2.2 lb jar is still a better deal.

I am a major neat freak and not a fan of sand at all. It creates a mess whether kids play with it inside or out but THIS stuff was incredible.  I am planning on buying a few of the larger jars for my daughter soon and will add some follow up pics and an additional review.  I would have bought it yesterday but we are the type of parents that don't buy her stuff all the time.  It has to be her birthday or Christmas or she has to earn it (i.e., by reading a new book, doing all of her chores for the week, getting all of the stars on her behavior chart, etc).  So, if you are looking for a new toy or pretend play stuff for your kids, this  "sand" is excellent.  Kids can use cookie cutters or sand toys from the dollar store and create shapes, castles and anything else they want with it.  An excellent alternative to a doll, car or video game!  This free flowing sand is also great for sensory therapy.  This product was designed for Fine Motor, Sensory, and Cognitive Development.

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