Thursday, April 3, 2014

Making Lettuce & Spinach Last for Weeks in the Fridge!

Here's another way to make lettuce and spinach last a lot longer in your fridge.  This will allow you to buy it in bulk at warehouse stores like Costco and Sam's Club and save money!  First, open the bag and cut the tips off the heads of romaine.  If it's iceberg, no need to cut anything.

Then wrap each head of lettuce in paper towels so the entire head is covered and nothing is exposed.

 Then place it back in the bag you got it in (if it comes in bags of 2 to 3) or, if you buy in bulk such as bags of 6 at Costco, place them in Zip Lock bags.  You can usually git 2 to 3 heads of lettuce in each.

Then place in your crisper drawer and they should last at least 2-3 weeks! That's MUCH longer than if stored as they come.

This also works for large bags of spinach. We buy the large bags of spinach for smoothies but it can go bad in just a few days.  In order to help it last longer, I spread out paper towels on the counter.  Usually two rows of 3 full size paper towels in each row.  Then I pour out the spinach inside and wrap it up in a ball covering it all with the paper towels.  I then place it back in the bag I got it in or separate it into a few Zip Lock bags.  This helps it last weeks as well!

So, shop in bulk and don't worry about these items going to waste! I've been using these tricks for years and they work every time!  Check out the link on bananas lasting longer & a few other tips as well! Click here to see that blog entry!

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