Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A HOT new Kids Product! Toy, Furniture, Educational & more!

BOBLES is an amazing new line of toys that double as furniture and tools to help your kids master motor skills!  Check out the different shapes, including a pig, elephant, fish, rock, snake and more!  They're made of toxin-free materials and they're soft to keep  your child accident free!  You can find them on Amazon and at abesmarket.com!  Check 'em out!

Here's an excerpt from the website:
bObles is children's furniture with a simple and creative design shaped in a way that makes you eager to use it. The name "Tumbling animals" covers exactly what you have to do with this piece of furniture - the children have to tumble and gain some bodily experience, which can serve as the foundation for further development. They appeal to something human inside us as they look like animals - but they can easily represent whatever the child wishes during the play. The material is firm but still soft and it is also user friendly as it is easy to clean - wipe over using a wet cloth.

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