Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Healthy Tips for Formula Feeders!

While breastfeeding is the most nutritious option for babies, it's not always an option for every mom for a variety of reasons.  Bottle feeding with formula is always an option and here are some tips to to make sure it's nutritious and safe! 

  1. CLEANLINESS:  Wash yourhands well with soap and water before feeding.  Consider sterilizing new bottles and nipples before using them for the first time.  After that, washing in the dishwasher will due since the heat sterilizes on its own.
  2. ONE AT A TIME:  Prepping a days worth of bottles is convenient but, to be on the safe side, avoid it.  Toss an leftovers and start with a fresh bottle the next time you feed.  Bacteria from baby's mouth can contaminate leftover formula.
  3. WATER WORKS:  Only mix powder with plain tap or bottle water that's been boiled for a minute, then cooled.  Bottled water may also contain bacteria, depending on whether it's been opened and/or refilled. Boiling will remove anything harmful that may be in the bottle.
  4. THE FINE PRINT:  Follow directions on the formula container carefully.  The powder and water must be measured correctly so your baby gets the nutrient he needs.
Excerpt from Parenting Magazine April 2012

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