Tuesday, April 5, 2011

SafetyTat: A Removeable Safety Tattoo for Your Child

Here's an idea I think is pretty clever. I know I get pretty nervous when I take my daughter to a crowded mall, amusement park, carnival or sporting event! As much as I don't like to, I use a "backpack leash" to be on the safe side and make sure my little one doesn't wander. Well, a new, innovative company came up with a great idea. They created temporary child safety tattoos known as SafetyTat.

A mother of 3 created this product when while at an amusement park, she decided she needed a way to identify her kids if they happened to be lost. She also wanted whoever found them to know who to contact immediately. So, she wrote her cell phone number on their arm and explained to them why she was doing it. She stressed to them that they should stay together and ake sure never to lose sight of their siblings or their mom but, if they are separated, they can use the number to help find their mom again. The kids were instructed to tell any adult near them, should they become lost or separated from the group, that the number to contact their mom was on their arm.

Since it was not a permanent ink pen, the number needed to be re-written several times due to sweat, heat and clothes rubbing on it. After a number of other parents commenting on what a great idea she had, she decided to develop SafetyTat. Her slogan is, “the tat that brings kids back”. For more information on safety tips and ordering your own SafetyTat, visit the SafetyTat Website. They are sold in packs of 6 or 18 and cost a little more than $1.00 each. That seems very much so worth my child's safety and I'll definitely be ordering some.

I was not paid or reimbursed in any way by the SafetyTat website to post this blog.

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