Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bob Revolution: The BEST Jogging Stroller on the Market

A few moms have recently asked me about my jogging stroller. I was an avid runner before having a baby and, to my surprise, I became even more of one after my daughter was born. I thought it would be the opposite but, after she was born, I just did not have the time to drive to the gym, get a good workout and get home in between breastfeeding, burping, changing, etc. Since I needed to stay in shape, I decided to just run around my city and take her with me! Put her in the stroller, go for a run and she naps peacefully while getting out for a bit too!

When I decided to buy a jogging stroller, I looked at many of them and decided on a Jeep model from Babies R Us. It seemed sturdy and the price was right. It was only about $150 and, since I already had a main stroller that was over $300, I really didn't want to spend another $300-400 on a jogging stroller that I was not sure I would use much. I was not sure if my daughter would like it, was not sure if she would sleep in it, was not sure if she would STAY asleep in it so, why spend a lot of money when I was not sure if it would work out.

Well, to my surprise, after I began running, I loved it. I loved getting out of the house, getting my daughter out and getting a good workout with her. The problem was, the stroller!! It was not quite as sturdy as I thought.. It was rickety and made noises after just a few runs. The front wheel did not swivel so, if I took the stroller into a store to use the restroom, buy water, etc, it was impossible to maneuver. The stroller was also not very smooth. If I pushed it, it would roll only a little bit and then stop. Sure it had nice gadgets, such as an iPod hook up with its own speaker and cup holder but that was not what I purchased it for. I have an iPod with earphones. What do I need the speaker for?

So, after realizing that I was using it a lot, almost daily in fact, I opted to research jogging strollers once again. I interviewed moms, dads, salesmen and anyone else I could ask about which one they would recommend. I wanted the best stroller on the market for the price. I asked everyone and most of the reviews online pointed me to the BOB. I thought they would but the BOB is approximately $400 so I was not sure it was worth it. Well, I found it for $350 and not only is it worth it, it is INCREDIBLE!! I love it.. What a difference running with the BOB as opposed to the Jeep stroller! It flows easily, has state of the art shock suspension to adjust to the growth and development of your baby, has durable fabric, a welded frame for optimum strength and durability, a swivel front wheel (with adjustment to control steering), easy two step folding system, almost complete recline for comfort and more! It only weighs about 23 lbs and you do not even feel it while you run. BOB also sells tons of accessories for it too. I bought the car seat adapter/food tray. Not because I still use my car seat but because it is a combination accessory and I needed the food tray. My daughter props her feet on it and puts her toys there . I also purchased the handlebar console and sun shield. The handle bar console is great because I use it to put two water bottles and my wallet, ID, keys, etc in the zippered compartment. The sun shield protects my baby from UVA/UVB rays comppletely. It also protects her from wind and flying insects. It allows her to see out while being protected. It is perforated for ventilation so it is an ideal and much needed accessory. For more information on the BOB revolution and other BOB models (including double and triple models!), visit their website at

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