Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Random Healthy Eating Tips

Help Your Entire Family Improve Their Diet!

  1. Not sure if the produce you're buying is really organic? If the number on the sticker starts with a 9 them it is!

  2. Have stale bread at home? Don't throw it out! Make breadcrumbs out of it & use them to make baked milanesas! It's like country fried steak but it in the oven instead. Or cut it up in cubes, toss in olive oil & make home made croutons to add to add your salad!

  3. Here's a nutrition rule the whole family should be aim to follow! From baby to grandma! Choose foods with no more than 5 ingredients, surely not more than 10, no ingredients you can't pronounce and no cartoons on the package! That'll help insure you and your family are eating healthy, clean foods!

  4. For a quick healthy mid-day snack on the go, grab a string cheese, 12 almonds & an apple. It's about 250 calories and has just the right amount of nutrients, protein & carbohydrates to keep you moving through your day!

  5. Be cognisant of the difference between eating your food and savoring every bite. Teach your kids to enjoy their food. Chew 10 or 20 times, drink water and wait a bit until your next bite. Not only will you enjoy your food much more but you'll also get full quicker, leading you to avoid overeating!

  6. Instead of harping on one bad food choice that you made today (you grabbed a Snickers on the run or ate a donut in the office), get past it and make a very good choice for the next meal. Make up for it by eating a super healthy, clean dinner and make a promise to stay on track the next day.

  7. Even if you're tired, had a long day at work or your kids wore you out at home, push yourself to get out for a brisk after dinner walk. Even just 30 minutes a day, especially after a large evening meal, will help digestion, burn calories, get your heart rate up and help you sleep better.

For more tips on healthy living, go to the Whole Living website. There you'll find workout tips, recipes, ideas for healthy snacks and much more!

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