Thursday, February 6, 2020

Healthified Box Muffin Recipe Using Club Soda!

Super simple, low cal, protein enriched muffins using only 5 ingredients. Boxed cake mix is pretty easy to use and make but you end up with muffins that have upwards of 35 grams of carbs, 20 grams of sugar and little to no protein. 

By not adding the milk & eggs the box calls for and instead adding Kodiak pancake mix, egg whites & club soda, you lower the carbs, sugars and fat and raise the protein and fiber, which ideally is the best thing to do whenever possible with a recipe.

So, pick out yours or your kids’ favorite box cake mix & give it a shot. Tip: look for ones without artificial colors & dyes! I made the mistake of letting my little man choose red velvet which means....a lot of the worst dye out there, Red 40, known to cause behavioral reactions in kids! Never again for sure! 

But back to the recipe! Here ya go! Macros are below, as is the Portion Fix container breakdown. Let me know if you give it a shot. 

P.S. The recipe works too by simply adding club soda and NOTHING else but the sugar, carb and protein content will remain the same, hence making each cupcake have double the sugar, carbs and calories noted below 

1 box cake mix 
1 1/2 cups Kodiak Pancake mix
16 oz egg whites 
Club soda (amount vaires, see recipe below)

Preheat oven to 375F degrees. Spray 2 muffin tins of 12 muffins each with non stick spray or use muffin cups.

Blend cake mix, egg whites & 1 cup Kodiak mix in a bowl until all ingredients are combined. Slowly add club soda and last 1/2 cup of Kodiak mix until consistency is similar to cake mix. It’s typically about 2 cups but it depends how thick or runny you prefer your cake mix.

Once blended, pour into tins and cake. My oven cooks them in about 15-20 min but check them periodically with a toothpick and when it comes out clean they’re done! 

My kids like to frost them and add sprinkles, of course increasing sugar content but hey, you only live once and they eat clean most of the day. A small muffin with frosting ain’t gonna kill ‘em lol! 

Makes 24 muffins  
Macros per muffin are as follows 
100 cals
1 fat
1 gram fiber 
7 grams sugar
18 carbs 
5 protein 

Portion Fix
1 yellow 

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