Friday, June 9, 2017

The Mizuno Wave Sky: I've Been Converted

So I’ve been converted, officially this time!  I received my 2nd pair of Mizuno running shoes about a week ago and after running with them on concrete, sand and dirt for upwards of 30 miles in the last week, I am pretty happy with them and will be sticking with Mizuno for the long haul!

In the past, running in other shoes I've tried for long distance in a short time span, I've definitely felt the backlash of pushing my mileage. I experienced pain in the midsole and having a high arch, I also experienced pain after running.  This was not the case this past week when I tested out the Wave Sky.

The Mizuno Wave Sky is the shoe you see pictured above and the one I’m referring to!  It’s a shoe built for neutral runners that don’t need support for pronating. For YEARS I was wearing the wrong shoe.  A shoe that wasn't neutral and instead pushed my feet out, giving me pain along the side and almost convincing me that I needed to give running a break.

Finally finding the RIGHT show changed that for me.  The Mizuno Wave Sky has a full length midsole and the most u4icX foam in any Mizuno shoe.  What is u4icX you ask? It's Mizuno's own proprietary midsole material. It's a soft, light, cushioned material that gives a soft underfoot feel, as if you're running on a rubber track vs concrete.  

The new Wave Sky provides max cushioning and gives you a more plush feel than any other shoe Mizuno has made.  As they say, you feel as if you float through your run. And for someone who primarily runs on pavement, this is a vital feature I need in my shoes.  The Wave Sky also has a sock liner that provides a secure, comfortable fit hugging your foot.  

If you're in the market for a new running or walking shoe, I highly recommend the Mizuno Wave Sky. It's available in men's and women's sizes and three different color schemes for each.  I have the blue/silver/safety yellow combination. I love it because it's unlike any other shoe I own.....not pink for one! Haha! It retails for $150.00 and is currently available in stores nationwide. 

For more information, go to Mizuno's website and look over the various options available for women and men.  Please note that I received these shoes at no cost in exchange for a small fee compensation, review and social media shares. All opinions and photos in the post are my own and not in any way influenced by Mizuno.  I am an avid runner and want to provide feedback, whether positive or negative, to other runners out there so they too can find products and gear that can benefit them and keep them on the road longer.

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