Saturday, June 14, 2014

Loving My Blendtec Smoothies!

After having my Oster blender for over 13 years, I finally gave in to the hubby's request for a bigger, better (and more expensive) blender and am SO happy I did!  After repeated trips to Costco and seeing the demonstrations, we finally decided to bite the bullet and buy the Blendtec.  The demonstration that I was sold on was the delicious ice cream the salesman made for us using avocado, agave, protein powder and milk!  It was SO good, so fresh and so healthy.  Plus,  having a baby that is just starting solids, I figured the possibilities are endless with that machine! It even grinds quinoa and rice down to a fine powder.  

We got it home and made our first smoothie almost immediately.  Since that day (a little over 2 weeks ago), we have used it at least once a day, if not more.  It is nothing short of amazing.  Below are a few of the recipes we have tried so far. If you're in the  market for a juicer, blender or baby food machine, I highly suggest the Blendtec.  I haven't been compensated in any way for this review. I am just really happy with the machine and think the price compared to all it can do it totally fair!  We paid $299 for it on sale at Costco and it comes with a 7 year warranty, not to mention Costco's excellent return policy.  Initially, my husband wanted the Vitamix but I just could  not justify spending $500 on a blender.  Three hundred is a lot but more doable and made for a great Father's Day gift :)

So, check out some of the recipes below and, if you'd like more, check out the Blendtec Recipes online too! Options are endless! And some of the sauces you can make, such as chimichurri, pico de gallo, and many others are amazing!

Strawberry & Spinach Protein Smoothie
-1/2 scoop of protein
-1 vanilla (or any flavor you like!) Carbmaster yogurt
-5-7 frozen strawberries
-a handful of spinach
-1/2 cup of water
-1 cup of ice
Add in all of the ingredients with the ice & frozen strawberries on top (last), hit smoothie button & that's it!

Mango Vanilla Soft Serve
-1 cup frozen mango
-1 cup ice
-1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
-1 vanilla Carbmaster yogurt
-1 handful of spinach
-1/4 cup milk
Drop all of the ingredients in the blender, hit the ice cream button & that's it!

Banana Soft Serve
-Frozen bananas cut in quarters
Simply drop them in the Blendtec, select Speed 7 & blend until smooth!
(Add any other frozen fruits to make combinations such as banana strawberry, banana blueberry, etc)

Watermelon Smoothie
-4 cups of watermelon
-2 cups of frozen strawberries
-1 cup of water
-1 cup of ice
-1 tablespoon Chia seeds
Add in all of the ingredients with the ice & frozen strawberries on top (last), hit smoothie button & that's it!

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