Sunday, March 23, 2014

Buying in Bulk & Making Food Last!

If you're have a family with a few hungry kids, you would probably be better off buying in bulk to save money & save yourself a few trips to the grocery store as well.  With these food preservation tips you can do both!  Check them out. You can save hundreds per year on your grocery bill by incorporating just a few of these in your household!
When you buy romaine lettuce,  wrap it in paper towels and place it either back in the bag you purchased it in if it is resealable or place it in large zip lock bags.  This helps keep the moisture off the leaves and prevents then from browning.
Separate them as soon as you're home from the grocery store, wrap stems in plastic wrap and, if you are able to, try to put them on a lave where they are not touching each other. The latter can be difficult to do since buying in bull means buying a lot of them so, at minimum,  separate them from the joint stem and wrap it.  By wrapping them you will slow down the ripening process and they will remain green or yellow longer.
Buying fresh herbs is costly and they don't last long.  To preserve them, freeze them in oil. Herbs frozen in oil are ideam because they are not only preserved, the also have a little bit of oil to cool them with already and add to a meal.
Keep dairy on the top shelf in the fridge because in most refrigerators, the top shelf keeps the most constant temperature due to the fact that that's where the thermometer is. Keeping it's temperature constant ensures that it will last until it's expiration date and possibly a little longer.  The worst place for dairy is the door since it is opened often and exposed to much warmer air.

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