Monday, July 20, 2015

10 Time-Saving Tips for Meal Prepping!

10 Time-Saving Tips for Meal Prepping

  1. Buy pre-cooked chicken breast or fish. You can buy it frozen or from the deli section.  When you have time, make it yourself. When you don't, improvise & do what you can! 
  2. Choose canned tuna or canned salmon for quick meals.  Like I said, not ideal but easy. Open the can, squeeze some lemon and eat. 
  3. Buy pre-cut vegetables or buy frozen ones. Just make sure nothing is added to it! Sometimes they're even better than the fresh ones.  
  4. Hard-boil several eggs at once and save them for quick, high-protein snacks or to add to salads. Low cal, low carb and packed with protein. Here's an easy, fool proof way to make them.
  5. Bake all of your sweet potatoes at once & keep those in the fridge as well for snacks. I love them when I'm craving sweets and carbs.  It takes care of both! 
  6. Pre-cook enough quinoa or brown rice for the week. And you can even pre-cook it for the month and freeze it! 
  7. Chop all carrots, cucumber, bell peppers, etc. at once for healthy snacks and ready toppings for salads. You can also use them to add to recipes during the week when sliced and cut your prep time for dinner in half!
  8. Mornings can be hectic. Have your breakfast ready to go by prepping a large batch of oatmeal, easy egg cups or have your Shakeology in the blender jar ready to add ice and mix in the morning. 
  9. Stock up on berries or fruits that don’t need to be cut like apples, oranges, and bananas. They're easy to throw in a baggie and take with you.
  10. Raw, unsalted nuts make a great, portable snack.  No need to cook or prep and they last a while so you can keep them at work or in your car when you know your cravings will kick in. 

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