Sunday, May 10, 2015

Super Cool Chore Chart for Kids!

If you have kids, you know how hard it can be to get them to do their chores. Money, toys, seems no bribe is enticing enough to get them to do them and do them regularly!  And not that we should be bribing them anyway right?! Well, I found an app that not my daughter not only looked forward to using AFTER completing her chores, she initiated doing them and asked if she could so more!!

Chore Monster is the app I'm talking about and I totally found it as a fluke! It popped up as one of those annoying Facebook ads and something told me I should click on it!  Glad I did! So, here's what it is and what it does!

You create the chores your kids need to do, assign a point value and then choose how often they need to be done. Your kids then have to check off when they're done (and you can choose to verify this and "accept" completion or not!).  Once the chore is complete, they get the points and, after earning points, obnoxious little animated monsters and rewards YOU create motivate your kids to keep going!

Best part...the app is FREE!! And it's available on Android and iPhone. So, check it out here  and if you'd like more information and a more extensive review, click here.

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