Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Healthy Turkey Tacos! Low Cal & Can Be Low Carb Too

OK here it is! This is one of my favorite dinner recipes and I make it with one of my favorite foods. Super easy to make and my family loves it. I use the Jennie-O Lean Ground Turkey Meat but you can use any type you'd like. They have an extra lean and an Italian seasoned flavor that's yummy too. If I use the extra lean,  I just add the packet of taco seasoning flavor to the meat and it's the same thing.  Enjoy and comment below if you give it a try!

--1 package of Jennie-O Taco Seasoned Turkey
--La Tortilla Low Carb tortillas
--1 onion
--1 avocado
--3 medium tomatoes
--1 head of romaine lettuce
--1 can Rosarita Green Chile & Lime Refried beans
--4 oz of shredded cheese (any type you like)

1. Chop up your onion and brown it. Set it aside. I prefer it browned but, if you prefer raw onion, you can use them raw as well.

2. Chop up your tomatoes and lettuce and set aside.

3. Slice or dice your avocado and set aside.

4.  Empty the refried beans into a sauce pan and heat. Once it is heated, I add some of the shredded cheese 
to them. Once the cheese melts and the beans are warm, I place them to the side in a bowl.

5. Cook the turkey until it's golden brown,  add the onions & set it aside as well.  I personally love it with the grilled onions in it and so does my family but if you prefer it without onion, it can be made that way as well. It is still very good.

6. Heat the tortillas om the stove top and place in a tortilla warmer.

7.  To serve them, you can either assemble each taco yourself and serve them assembled or place the ingredients in the table in separate bowls to create a taco bar for your family members. Mine prefers that since each person like a a different amount of each ingredient in his/her taco.

8. To assemble, I open the tortilla and spread some beans inside. Then I add a spoonful of turkey. Afterwards I add lettuce, tomato, avocado and cheese on top. We use any type of cheese we have on hand....sometimes even shredding string cheese if that's all that's in the fridge!  If like salsa, add any variety you like on top as well.

9. Eat & enjoy!

*** If you are cutting carbs and prefer not to eat tortillas, you can also use romaine lettuce leaves and make turkey taco wraps.  Just as good!

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