Friday, April 4, 2014

Healthy, Protein Packed Snack Ideas

For the most part, my diet is made up of lots of healthy protein and vegetables with some healthy carbs and dairy mixed in.  Protein can be difficult to eat as a snack since most protein consists of meat, poultry and fish. It takes lot of preparation and planning.

One of my favorite on the go snacks with lots of protein in it plus healthy omega fats are these salmon burgers! They are so easy to make and I can take them with me anywhere wrapped in a little aluminum foil. I just pop them in the toaster oven for a out 20 minutes and they're ready. I usually make a few at a time and keep them in the fridge ready to go.

If you live near a Costco or Sam's Club, they sell them there or you can probably get them at your local grocery store. 

So, next time you reach for a slice of bread,  a sugary granola bar or an unhealthy treat think about trying to add in some protein instead. 

Need some more low carb snack ideas packed with protein,  healthy fats and fiber? Try some of these:
--celery with peanut butter
--deviled eggs
--jerky (beef or turkey)
--string cheese
--sunflower seeds
--handful of almonds
--cottage cheese
--Greek yogurt
--nitrate free cold cuts rolled with a slice of cheese
--protein shake
--egg muffins*
--protein pancakes*

*Recipe is on the blog. Click the "Recipes" category link along the right side to find them.

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