Friday, July 28, 2017

Change: It IS possible! Next Group Begins Next Week!

Old me on the left, new me on the right. My journey is still going, I still have lots of changes to make inside & out but I'm happy with how far I've come so far. I'm content with the changes I've been able to make not just in my appearance but in how I feel inside & my overall health. As a single mom of 2, it hasn't been easy but it's also not impossible!


So.....Who's ready for change? My next group begins next week and you'll get everything you need to succeed, including 1:1 coaching from me and help from so many others that are on the same journey


This isn't just for those that want to lose weight. It's for those that want a healthier lifestyle, help meal prepping, making better choices with meals & snacks, balancing macros, learning portion control, burning fat & building muscle, etc


You'll get:

A meal a day for a month

Portion control containers 

Weekly meal plans 

Shopping lists


Snack ideas

Meal prep guides

Apps to help track progress

Workouts you can do in 30 min at home 

Tips for gym workouts if you prefer 

Daily nutrition & fitness tips

Daily feedback on your food intake


NO 🚫 counting calories

NO 🚫 calculating points

NO 🚫 starving or living off shakes

NO 🚫 restrictions from ANYTHING


It's a program that TEACHES YOU how to eat well, balanced meals and snacks in real life situations that include work 👮🏼♀️, parties 🎉, dinners at restaurants 🍱, etc. Not just tips on eating well when you're home! There are even tips on healthy versions of your favorite 🥂🍹🍺🍸 alcoholic beverages and desserts 🍩🎂🍪


So, if you're ready, send me an email at and let's get you going! 

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