Monday, February 13, 2017

10 Minute Meals: Salmon Patty with Spinach and Sweet Potato


Super simple, super clean AND super yummy dinner idea!  Grilled salmon patty over a bed of sauteed spinach and sweet potato!  Takes about 10 minutes to cook it all! Here's the recipe!

1 sweet potato
1 handful of fresh spinach
1 salmon burger

1.  Wash the sweet potato and poke it with a fork several times.

2.  Wrap it in a paper towel, without drying it off after washing it, and place it in the microwave. 

3. Most microwaves have a baked potato setting. If yours does, press it and press 1 for 1 potato unless you're making multiple at a time.  

4.  While the sweet potato cooks, take out a skillet and spray it with coconut or olive oil. 

5.  Grill it on a skillet for 5  minutes on each side.  Set aside.  

6.  Spray the pan with coconut or olive oil and cook the spinach for about 5 minutes, mixing it around as you cook it.  

7.  Serve all on a plate and ENJOY! This recipe is for one but you can easily make this for a family of 4 in just as much time.  

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