Thursday, November 24, 2016

10 Tips to a Healthy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner doesn't have to mean an additional 10 pounds by the next morning.  
Here are 10 tips to avoid overdoing it on Thanksgiving and over the holiday party season in general.

1. If you're going to have dessert, go for pumpkin pie. Healthiest option of all. Avoid pecan. Highest in fat and sugars.

2. Choose the white meat/breast part of the turkey. 

3. If you want gravy, get it on the side and dip your fork in it then grab the turkey. Do the same with salad dressings

3. For alcoholic beverages, try to avoid beer. Best options are red wine or hard liquor with club soda (vodka soda is my fave!) 

4. Don't drink too much because alcohol lowers inhibitions and will cause you to overeat. 

5. Get your food and get away from the food table after you serve yourself. Don't linger or sit next to it to avoid temptation. 

6.  Drink a glass of water before you eat and before you grab any food throughout the day.  

7.  Avoid carbs and sugars at breakfast. Eat a high protein breakfast to help keep you full and satisfied until Thanksgiving dinner.  Save your carbs and sugars for a serving of dessert so you don't overdo it later in the day.

8.  Use a small plate vs a regular size plate. It'll look like you're eating more food than you really are.  

9.  Eat slowly.  It takes your body approximately 20 minutes to register it's full so chew your food and enjoy every bite.

10.  Bring your own dish.  That way you KNOW there will be something healthy for you to fill up on if there are no other healthy options.

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